Top 10: Healthy Snacks on the GO!

Hi guys!

So this week I am heading out of town! That’s right I’m ditching Wes and the kids for some sweet sweet sunshine!

Don’t get me wrong I’ll miss their little faces and honestly I’m hoping the kids can handle life with Wes being in charge LOL! please pray for them as Wes is going to need all the help he can get being Mr. Mom for a week! Fingers crossed they all survive.

Anyways with me heading out of town I thought I’d share with you my top 10 fave on the go snacks!

Now these snacks aren’t only good for traveling. In fact these are basically my everyday go to’s! Wether I’m at the office, in the car, running kids to and from activities, or in between laundry loads!

They are easy, basically prep-free, healthy grab and go for you people on the run or just trying to make healthier choices!

(Totally sounded like an infomercial.. but we’ll roll with it)

So here we go! My top 10 on the go to snacks:

#1. Figgy Pop Energy Bites

You guys these are a god send! I just bought them at Costco a couple weeks ago and have been addicted ever since!

Like Wes and I have talked about on our podcast, I get hangry! And these little babies are amazing at giving you that little appetite pleaser just enough to get you by until lunch or dinner time!

They are healthy, filling, and oh so delicious! Watch the calories though on these guys as they are full of nuts and things that boost natural fats. I try to only eat just one to two but trust me you’ll want to eat the whole bag!

#2. Grapes

I’m a grape lover! I love green grapes, red grapes, purple grapes, ALL THE GRAPES!

A. There is zero prepping (literally wash them that’s it)

B. They can sit in your purse all day and still taste perfect.

C. They make wine.

D. Nuff said.

I find myself popping grapes throughout the day, usually in the car or while I’m making dinner! Such an easy healthy way to help curve those hunger pains while getting a natural ex-lax. Yep grapes help you poop! So ya know they are pretty awesome.

#3. Carrot Sticks

Craving chips? Stop it and eat some carrots! I am all about eating something crunchy. I love eating things with a crunch and chips use to be my go to! Welp I’ve put that calorie high processed junk down and moved to a healthier choice. I buy baby carrots so all I have to do is rinse and they are good to go!

Just like grapes they are low maintenance and you can eat them anywhere anytime by crunching on those cravings!

#4. Hard Boiled Eggs

Now these take a little prep but 20 min and you’re done!

So I’m going to be honest with you. I eat anywhere from 5-10 of these a day! Sayyyy whaaaat?!?!!

Here is why!

I only eat the whites.

After my morning workout I’ll eat about 4 egg whites. It’s an easy way for me to get a high protein breakfast in without having to be home and cook. (As much as I’d love to cook myself a big breakfast I just don’t have the time) so my protein shake and some egg whites after the gym is what I do!

***Side note: I’ve been getting requests on sharing my green smoothie protein shake with you so I’ll write up a blog about that soon stay tuned.

Depending on what else I eat throughout the days factors how many more eggs I’ll eat.

I also eat two right before bed! Keeps your body working to digest those high proteins so you burn calories while you sleep! Yes please!

#5. String Cheese


Do I love cheese yes, do I love cheese with wine and grapes? Double yes! Lol but I usually just eat it here and there when I’m craving a “treat”. Cheese is kind of my treat. I really don’t eat a lot of it as it’s hard on my stomach but every so often it’s a great on the go snack! Zero prep, convenient, yummy!

I love  peeling my string cheese and wrapping it around my grapes. Guys it’s like heaven!

#6. Fruit Leathers

Yes yes yes! Did anyone else grow up on fruit leathers? I feel like every time I went to the grocery store with my mom this was always my big treat! I wasn’t ever really a candy kid but these were like the big thing to get!

Now fortunately for us they make an organic, healthier, real fruit version!

Confession: You can probably find these in every purse, drawer, and car we own! Peyton especially loves them and that kid is always hungry! So the fact that we can buy a 48 pack at Costco is a life saver!

(Not kidding we have “emergency food” in all our cars that’s really just for when Peyton and I get hangry! Lol!)

#7. Kind Bars

Mmmm yes!!! Love these! So I am a nut fanatic! I would eat nuts and trail mix all day if I could guys but honestly nuts are soooooo hard on your colon. So I try keep these more as “treats” rather than everyday snacks. Some people may be fine eating a lot of nuts but for me my little digestion system just can’t handle it. So when I do, I eat them in moderation and I get the best kind which is Almond & Coconut it really tastes like candy dipped in honey!! Yuhhhhum!

#8. Suja Juice

Duhhhh! If you haven’t tried Suja Juice stop reading this and go get one! Not kidding you’re missing out.

Is this sponsored? No but it should be! Lol jk we are friends with the founder and he’s an amazing amazing guy! Random fact: He’s currently working on solving the homeless problem in LA. So not only has he created a great, healthy and delicious product, but he’s constantly giving back and helping the world!

Good people, good drink, good feelings!

#9. Baby Oranges

I don’t know why but every time I say orange I think of that stupid banana knock knock joke. Know what one I’m talking about? “Orange ya glad I didn’t say banana 😂” omg so dumb! Anyways these are awesome! I mean what all do I need to say that you don’t already know?! Healthy! Delicious, zero prep! Oh and if you keep the peels they are amazing for making popowrii, cleaning your sink, and using in your garden! So boom! Double prizes.

#10. Blueberries

I’m a sucker for berries of all kind but blueberries are the easiest of the berries to have on the go! They don’t mush as easy and they don’t have stems or leaves so you are good go! They are also full of antioxidant which the World Wide Web says helps fight disease and keeps you young sooo I’ll just eat these 24/7! But seriously I love having blueberries however if Chloe is with me they will be gone in .2 seconds. So my only advice is to keep them safe and away from your children!! Hog them all!

So there you have it! My go to snacks for everyday and in this case my vacation goodies!!!

Xoxo -Jodie



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