Date Yo’ Kids

In this episode of Life With the Chapmans, Wes and Jodie discuss how the busyness of the past month has left their family lacking connection. Deciding to take a few days away from it all turns a family road trip into an opportunity for openness. Grab your puppy off of the desk and throw the wife and kids in the …

Men vs Women

In This Week’s Podcast….Men vs Women In this episode of Life With the Chapmans, Wes and Jodie dive into the hot topic of who is stronger; Men or Women? They went there because they could. ______________________________________________________________ Topic #1 Chivalry or Anti-Feminism? Jodie jumps into the discussion on this episode, with a story about a recent plane trip she took. A …


In This Week’s Podcast…Suicide In this episode of Life with the Chapmans, Wes shares candidly about his childhood and how those experiences were the catalyst for A Human Project. A tough listen but inspiring, relevant, and necessary. What can you do to change your area of influence? Listen in. ___________________________________________________________ Topic #1 Failure to Thrive Wes opens this episode sharing how …

Top 10: Healthy Snacks on the GO!

Hi guys! So this week I am heading out of town! That’s right I’m ditching Wes and the kids for some sweet sweet sunshine! Don’t get me wrong I’ll miss their little faces and honestly I’m hoping the kids can handle life with Wes being in charge LOL! please pray for them as Wes is going to need all the …

Top 10 ways to a non-sucky relationship!

Want a better relationship or a relationship that is as flawless a Wes and I’s? Then this blog is for you! Guys if you don’t know us, we are extremely sarcastic and definitely don’t have a flawless relationship! We may not be experts but we like to pretend. So we thought it would be good to share with you what …

How to make your relationship not suck

In this episode, we dive into the tips and tricks of making a relationship work. We talk about roles, how woman are not equal and how Wes wants to be a stay at home daddy!

Showing up to choir

In this episode, we dive into the conversation about showing up in all aspects of life, from your relationships to your children. Wes also takes us back to 1912 with his opinions on the “boob-t

A moose & a flood

In this episode, we dive into making better choices, using your words and using your influence. We also talk about getting a moose, picking up logs, a litterbug and how our sweet daughter flooded the house! 

What the heck is this?

In this episode, we talk about our cleaner, the office, microphones, being a parent, being a husband, being a wife, sweating, marriage counseling, buffalo, sex and anything else we can fit in on one sho