Date Yo’ Kids

In This Week’s Podcast…Date Yo’ Kids

In this episode of Life With the Chapmans, Wes and Jodie discuss how the busyness of the past month has left their family lacking connection. Deciding to take a few days away from it all turns a family road trip into an opportunity for openness. Grab your puppy off of the desk and throw the wife and kids in the car and head out on this journey with The Chapmans.


Topic #1

Is that Teacup a Dog?

  • Opening this episode with a brief discussion about the Chapmans family puppy, a teacup schnauzer Tessie, and her need to be near them during this podcast. Wes changes direction by sharing with the listeners a few a events that have kept the couple busy.
  • Just home from their big conference,” The Human Gathering”, Wes is pumped and excited for what happened and what will come from the time in Malibu. Despite odd California weather, the people that participated as well as the amazing speakers that shared made “The Human Gathering” an event full of emotion and a great experience.
  • Now on the cusp of their upcoming Couples Retreat, Wes has been blown away by the huge response they have received from their listeners. He shares some details of the event that has limited availability in August near their home in Idaho. They have secured a huge estate on 30 acres for everyone to stay at. The time promises to include a lot of content, goals, and reconnection that will take you out of your comfort zone. If anyone is interested and would like to attend, email directly to

Topic #2   

Surprise Date-cation

  • When the couple planned a weekend away, they didn’t realize how much they immediately would miss the kids. Deciding to surprise them the following weekend with their own mini vaca, Wes makes reservations at the same property and he and Jodie swear each other to secrecy.
  • They formulate a plan on the ride home to pick the kids up from school the following Friday and leave from there. What ensued was a rough week of disconnection and discord among the two kids. Everyone was just in their own world. When Jodie gets the kids from school on Friday, they are already fighting and she wants to call off the whole trip.
“I was done. I called Wes and told him to put the bags away and none of us were going anywhere.”-Jodie

Topic #3

Sharing is Caring

  • With the kids sitting on the couch and their phones confiscated, Wes begins to get stern with them, making his daughter Chloe cry. He brings on “Bad Cop’ which he admits he never is because he wanted to be heard. He laid into them about friends and family and the importance of staying connected. He then told the kids they were taking a trip. Chloe asked if she could have her phone back so she could delete her social apps and focus on her family.
  • Once in the car, Chloe falls fast asleep and Peyton starts talking non-stop. He was excited about everything he was seeing and finally calmed down, put on the headphones and started watching a movie. At that very moment, Chloe woke up and just started talking about life in general. She begins sharing what is going on with her, and about what the conversation and atmosphere are around her friends. Wes and Jodie were shocked to know what Chloe who is 12 years old is dealing with.
  • With the conversation lasting 45 minutes and going deep, it turns towards a discussion about weed. Wes shares some facts with her about it and then shares a story about Lab Rats and Cocaine. He explains how when a person has a purpose they don’t need drugs to sedate themselves.
  • The drive was so meaningful that they didn’t want it to end. Chloe was able to share and refine her thoughts without fear of judgment or backlash. She talked about how she feels her purpose is to dance. And they know she has the talent and drives to succeed in this.
“You have to break routines in your family occasionally to create magic with your kids.”-Wes

Closing Thoughts

  • Wes challenges the listeners to start Dating their kids. To plan small vacations or just a different outing one day, that is out of your normal. Parents always overthink and stress about family trips and the financial burden can be an extra stress put on a trip before it begins. Don’t have expectations just let it happen organically. Just hanging out doing nothing, but being engaged as a family. You need to hear, love and guide your children so that they can trust and feel accepted. Kids need instruction and direction and it’s either going to be You or Youtube.

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