Men vs Women

In This Week’s Podcast….Men vs Women

In this episode of Life With the Chapmans, Wes and Jodie dive into the hot topic of who is stronger; Men or Women? They went there because they could.


Topic #1

Chivalry or Anti-Feminism?

  • Jodie jumps into the discussion on this episode, with a story about a recent plane trip she took. A woman a few rows ahead of her was having difficulty stowing her bag in the overhead bin. Jodie felt helpless to assist her because she was blocked in. Jodie noticed also, none of the men that were around this woman offered to help her. At first, she was frustrated that no one offered help, but then wondered if men were hesitant to offer because of the Feminist movement. Wes admits that it is always in the back of his mind that women will be offended if he asks to help them.
  • Because of the feminist movement, they feel some women are assuming men think that they are incapable of doing simple tasks, such as opening a door or pulling out a chair. Wes adds that some feminists are becoming very hateful and defensive. Many men have great companies which are run with respect for their female employees. The media does not represent those men though.
“People need to learn the difference between feminism and insecurity.”-Jodie

Topic #2 Biology 101

  • Wes talks about how many women do not want to have children or a husband and it is harder for them in the business world. It is harder though because they are going against biology. It doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong, Jodie adds, it is just how it is. Wes points out that he will never be 280 pounds. He eats 4 high calorie meals a day, but he can’t put on weight. It’s just how his body is. He wants to bulk up but he is fighting against biology.
  • Jodie loves when someone says thank you when she opens a door for them. Whether it be a man or woman; Please and thank you, have become lost. She adds that she was annoyed by a commercial for women’s deodorant. Comparing the strength of the product to that of a woman.
“There is a rawness about being a woman; there is nothing stronger than being a woman.”-Wes

Topic #3 No Comparisons

  • Wes shares how he doesn’t believe there is a comparison between men and woman, on a biological level, because of the amount of physical pain a woman endures in her life. Men have always known women are stronger, and that is why that lash out at them. In addition, marketing and media companies aren’t concerned with what is real, but what sells. They are under the misconception that all things sexual are appetizing to the consumer.
  • Commercials that feature famous people eating certain foods, sell the lie that if you eat that food you will look just like them. Wes states that this tactic doesn’t work on men, but women are busy buying the products that are objectifying women. Men don’t associate sex with food. They just want the food.
  • Wes shares 4 things about men vs women:
  1. Women are stronger than men
  2. Men show their strength by showing off
  3. Men, be men and stop taking crap out on your wife.
  4. Women stop buying the products that are objectifying women if you feel objectified.
”Men have to show strength, Women just are strength.”- Wes

Closing Thoughts

  • Wes tells Jodie he has figured out what the #1 desire of a woman is; to be heard, to be validated. He adds that men have no idea how to validate a woman. He believes men have been de-masculated in movies and the media and have been beaten down. Society portrays that men are not supposed to feel or show emotion.
  • He encourages the male listeners to go and tell their women how strong they are. Wes is convinced that the reaction will be amazing. Jodie reminds the listeners to just be human, not man or woman; be good people and be decent to each other.


“Opening a door for someone isn’t about opening the door; it’s about you as a human showing another human you value them.”-Wes


Wes surprised Jodie with the announcement of a Getaway they will be offering to 6 couples mid-August. There will be a breakdown on marriage and parenting. It will be intimate and real.


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