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We are the Chapman’s. A crazy family made of 2 parents, 2 kids, 3 dogs, 5 chickens, 2 horses a baby colt on the way.

To be honest we aren’t your stereotypical family. As stereotypical as we look we are probably the furthest thing from “normal”.

But let me introduce ourselves just so you can kind of get a feel for who we are.

My name is Jodie. I’m the mom! Well “step” mom. I’ve been with this bunch of people for 6 going on 7 years. I’m a woman of many hats. Mom hat, wife hat, maid hat, chef hat, homework helper hat,  dog poop cleaner upper hat, you get the picture I basically keep the house together and try to keep everything and everyone in one piece.  I hate being bored, which is a good thing since I’m surround by this group of crazies!

Wes is my handsome man, he’s an entrepreneur business man with the biggest heart. After 20+ years in the business world he started a non profit called A HUMAN PROJECT, where he works with youth who struggle with depression, abuse, suicide, bullying, etc. He’s always trying new things and doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. He’s a great dad, a sweet husband and really is whole package!

Then we have Chloe! Chloe is our 12 year old. She’s is just about as girly as they come. She loves to sing and dances everywhere she goes. Not only is she beautiful but this girls got brains! Chloe wants to grow up to be a scientist. She’s smart as hell and can school me and just about anyone on anything. And she’s really giving us a run for our money with this whole pre teen thing. All I can say is Heaven help us!

Last but not least we have our 8 year old, Peyton. Also know as P. Money, PC, PC Empire, and whatever else he comes up with.  Peyton is an avid athlete and lives and breathes football. His favorite team is the Denver Broncos and of course his favorite player is Peyton Manning (go figure).  He’s a dare devil but can’t seem to do anything without falling. Not kidding he falls at least 4 times a day. He’s a little comedian and always keeps us laughing!

Now onto the animal jungle:

First there is Tessie. Our oldest dog of the bunch. She’s a 5 year old teacup schnauzer who is really more like a stuffed animal. She will sit on your lap all day and chill. Honestly if she didn’t poop I’d be worried she wasn’t real.

Thor. Thor is our meat head. He’s a 3 year old pitbull, bull dog mix. He’s got a face only a mother could love and I could squish his cheeks all day! He’s a sweetheart unless you’re a chicken.. then he’s not so sweet and will try to eat you.

Blue is our baby. Well kind of. He’s a 6 month old Great Pyrenees’s who can be mistaken for a polar bear. He’s so fluffy I could die! His job is to protect the chickens and horses from predators. And to cuddle us every 3.5 minutes.

Then we have the girls. Aka our chickens. We have 5 and they are all named after my great aunts! There is Lois, Rita, ila, Joyce and Joanne. They have been so much fun and I love gathering their brown and blue eggs. If you have ever wanted chickens do it! They are the best!

To finish off this ridiculously long bio, we have the horses. Willow and Harley. Willow is our prego momma and Harley is a cute little stud that will follow you around just like a puppy. They eat more than I could of ever imagined and poop even more than that! But we love having them around!

Guys I’m telling you it’s a full house!

Between kids, animals, business, and life on the ranch it’s a mad house around here! We may look like we’ve got it all together but honestly our life is nothing but laughable! It’s a down right mess!

To be honestly that’s why we are sharing it with you. We hope our stories and life lessons will either make you laugh or let you realize that you are not alone and we are all in this crazy life together. We all have wins and losses, love and heartache, good days and bad days. But what’s the most important is getting back up. Learning from your experiences and laughing at the rest!

So here you have it. The good the bad the ugly, messy, sticky and crazy that comes along with our life.  Life with the Chapmans!

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winter wonderland
We love living in Northern Idaho.

MORE ABOUTOur little family

The parents: We are pretty freaking awesome! We win parenting awards nightly…we call them sleep!
The children: We are the life of this party! Always hungry and always ready for adventure. And sometimes we do our chores!

The farm: We are why you are all here. We are cute, fluffy, sweet and hardly make a peep. Enjoy the many selfies we take and post @lifewithchapmans

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