In This Week’s Podcast…Suicide

In this episode of Life with the Chapmans, Wes shares candidly about his childhood and how those experiences were the catalyst for A Human Project. A tough listen but inspiring, relevant, and necessary. What can you do to change your area of influence? Listen in.


Topic #1 Failure to Thrive

  • Wes opens this episode sharing how 37 years ago, at the age of 7 ½ , he remembers waking up in a padded room with bloodied hands. He was deemed broken and was very angry. From anger and pain, great things can be birthed; if your motivation is change and a passion to help others, fuels your journey.
  • His parents were married after finding out one night of passion gave them a son. Being diagnosed after his birth with Failure to Thrive, because of the lack of attention from his parents, his Dad left when Wes was one. With his Mom discovering she was pregnant, soon after, Wes had a brother and his mother now had 2 children to raise. Not wanting to go it alone she met and married what Wes can only describe as a “Torturer.” His childhood would be filled with terror and unimaginable abuse and at 7 ½ years old the professionals would tell his mother he was broken.
  • As his life progressed Wes had his daughter Chloe, and son Peyton. He could not understand how anyone could give up on their child. It was a life-changing moment for him. Even with his great successes, cars, a house on the hill and all of the accolades, Wes was in an unhealthy relationship and wasn’t happy.

Topic #2   Reaching Out

  • Knowing he needed to share his story and help as many children as he could, Wes started writing Micro-Blogs. He took his story to boys homes and prisons and finally the public school system. His first school was filled with a mix of gang members and farm kids. The school had been over rough with over 30 suicide attempts, bullying, and absolute chaos.
  • Trying to win the kids over with bad jokes wasn’t working for Wes so he just had to be raw and real. He ended that day exhausted after speaking with over 150 children individually who were touched by his story. It wasn’t until a young girl named Alex would share that she was cutting and had attempted suicide 2 days prior. Wes gave her his phone number and before they reached home she was texting and sharing how life-changing her afternoon was. She thanked Wes for saving her life, and it was at that moment Wes developed A Human Project.

This was the moment, this was the time; I couldn’t have more things put into my life that said this is it.”- Wes

Topic #3 Road Trippin’

  • With a business plan, many hours on the phone and 67,000 miles on their brand new car, A Human Project was the source of conversation and viral videos everywhere. Wes shares how society and the family unit is broken. He encourages people to get their self-strong, then their partnership, and finally their family.
  • With such an overwhelming response, Wes and Jodie’s goal is to reach 2 million kids. With that, they need to raise the near half of a million dollars to accomplish what they have envisioned. What can the listeners do to help? Listen and share this podcast, because it helps build A Human Project. By visiting, you can keep up to date with Wes and Jodie and also sponsor a child. Every action helps.

“ With everything we do, our intention is to build more exposure to A Human Project.”- Wes

Topic #4 Secrets Suck


  • Jodie asks a few questions of Wes that she thinks the listeners may have. If I know a child who needs help what can I do? What if it’s your friend that needs help? 
  • The answer to both questions is getting professional help. Wes cannot stress the importance enough of this. Trying to handle someone who is hurting or planning to hurt themselves is not for novices. Your job is to be there for them and to tell someone who has the training to handle the situation. Keeping a secret for a friend is not a condition of friendship, especially when the secret is that they are in trouble.
  • If your friend is struggling, tell them you will stand with them, and then get help.

It’s difficult to be a prophet in your own land.” “Secrets are destroyers of humanity.”- Wes

Closing Thoughts

Wes closes by sharing this warning: If you are saying on Social Media that your scars are beautiful, you are full of Shit! You are perpetuating a problem with a child who is lost and looking for validation to hurt themselves.

Wes wants anyone who may need an ear, advice or direction to email him at your life and stop having shame.

To see Wes share his childhood story go to and search for Wes Chapman A Promise Kept.


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